Braided Wigs-The Newest Trendy Style


Most women around the globe are embracing the convenience of using braided wigs, and it has become a trendy style.

If you were to have the natural braid done on your hair, it will take more time and is tiresome to both the sallonist and you. Moreover, the pulling and styling of your natural hair may end up causing breakage and weakening of the hairline.

Natural braids are not suitable for women suffering from alopecia or those with short hair since natural braids require longer and fuller hair. All these hindrances have triggered the need for braided hair wigs. Some of the advantages of using these types of wigs are; gives you a natural look, they are easy to style, and they offer convenience. These wigs give you the fun of changing s style while others wear in the context of religious practices that require an individual to cut their hair

Numerous online websites offer various plaited wigs under several categories such as lace wigs, African American wigs, braided bob wigs, French braid wigs, braid wig with baby hair, among others. The advantage of buying your wigs online is that you will have access to a wide range of micro braided wigs for sale. There are also reviews from other customers which will help you choose the best wig.

Moreover, most websites such as WigsBuy have blogs and tutorials to guide you on how to care for your wigs.

Unlike other wigs, these wigs require more care since the braids can easily get ruined.

They come in a wide range of lengths and others are available in simple designs such as headbands and others in full-coverage. Full versions of these wigs are designed with a basic wig, but they have longer locks. For those who are not looking to have a full wig, you have the option of buying a clip-on braid which matches your hair color.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the more complex this type of wig is, the more care it needs which could be difficult and time-consuming. Good maintenance is the key to obtain good value for your money since the wig will last longer and still look good as new.

The Various Types of Braided Wigs:

The Box Braided Lace Wigs


These may not be as light as the micro braids however; they are comfortable and have similar versatility. You can get these braids in full size or in bob style depending on your taste and preference. They come in varying colors and styles, and this will be a great way to give your hair a break from the heat treatment and other treatments that lead to its weakening.

The Micro Braids

The micro braids are also lightweight, and they come in different styles. For lovers of bob style, these are the best choice. They are also available in different colors and are easy to maintain.

The Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twist is also called rope twists and is known to be a protective style that in addition to being utilitarian, it also serves as an incredible addition to any hair styling routine. Whenever you are looking for a braided wig that will protect your hair from the daily harsh chemical treatment which could cause breakage, the Senegalese twist is the best option.

These braids give you diverse options of styling and elegance. These twists can be braided or knotted; they can be worn up or down; style them for the office or when headed for a party.

The use of wigs that are braided has seen a tremendous increase in demand, and it seems that every day there is a new trendy braid style hitting the internet and everyone want to have the style. This is the reason why buying braided lace front wigs is the best idea since they allow you to quickly adapt to the trending style and be among the first people to rock it.

If you are wondering where to get these incredible wigs, worry not since there are numerous websites that offer braided wigs for sale such as WigsBuy. Here you will find a wide variety of plaited wigs as well as customer reviews that will help you make the best decision. They offer fast and convenient shipping, and you will not have to wait for months to have your new hair style.

Advantages of Braided Wigs

Style Versatility

These micro braid lace front wigs are designed in such a way that it has a lace with hairline making the wig look as natural as possible. This allows you to style the braid in a ponytail style and still look natural. You can wear the wig while going to the office or any casual occasion and still look amazing. The convenience of the fully braided lace front wigs is that they allow you to quickly change your hairstyle without having to wait for your natural hair to grow.


There are several rumors that wearing a plaited wig can cause your hair to grow mid dew which could lead to excessive hair breakage. However, buying the right quality is an assurance of having the best experience. When you buy your fully braided lace front wigs from a reliable company, you are guaranteed to obtain a wig that is designed in a way that the lace material is sheer and allows air circulation; allowing your scalp to breath Benefits of lace wigs.

Realistic and Natural Appearance

Braided full lace wigs have a more realistic look and are designed in a way that they mimic the natural hair. The braided hair strands are attached to the wig cap which is made of sheer lace fabric. The realistic nature of the braided wigs is a reliable solution for individuals with hair loss problems be it through alopecia or medication that lead to hair loss such as chemotherapy. Regardless of whether you choose lace front box braided wigs or micro braided lace front wigs which are more lightweight, you are assured that the wig will look more natural and people will hardly notice that it’s a wig.

Conceal Natural Hair Issues

Approximately 70% of women around the globe have had issues with hair breakage which in most cases lead to excessive hair loss. Some of the causes of hair loss include; overtreatment, excessive exposure to heat, poor nutrition, bad hair practice and some illness such as cancer. If you have issues with your hair, a wig is the best solution, since it allows you to look great while taking care of your hair underneath; allowing it to grow without exposure to harsh treatments.

An Investment That Saves You Money in the Long Run

Although most of the braided lace front wigs are expensive especially those worn by celebrities, there are some online stores that offer discounted wigs. Buying cheap braided wigs and cheap braided lace front wigs does not necessarily mean that they are of poor quality; they could last long, and give you the same service as the expensive ones. Buying these wigs will be an investment in the long run since they last longer and are easy to style which means that your visit to the salonist will be minimal. Thus, it will save you time and money.

Boost Confidence

The phrase that a woman’s beauty starts with her hair is very true. You can wear expensive clothes and jewelry, but with a poorly maintained hair, you will still look untidy. When your hair is unkempt, you will always feel that people around you are looking and judging you negatively. However, when everyone is commending you on the unique hair style, you will feel more confident.

No Bad Hair Days

As a woman, different roles and chores that always await you, and it’s easy to get caught up in heavy schedules. This may lead to the lack of time to visit your stylist ending up with a shaggy and poorly maintained hair. Nevertheless, with micro braided lace wigs, you will never have to endure a bad hair day since they come as ‘ready-made’. This means that you can wear the wig and still rock on your stunning look even when the hair underneath is unkempt.

Protects Your Natural Hair

These wigs are a protective way of maintaining your hair. When you buy a wig, you will relax your hair from numerous dying and treatment which are the major causes of hair breakage. Thus, when you wear your wig for an extended period, it gives your hair ample time to grow naturally, and it becomes stronger, healthier and longer Wigs for Women. In areas where there are harsh weather conditions such as winter, micro braided lace wigs are the best option to prevent the hair and the scalp from drying out. Give your hair a break from excessive heating and bleaching by buying wigs that are braided, and you will be amazed by the results.

The Dos and Don’ts of Braided Wigs

The reasons why most people have a negative attitude towards these types of wigs is because they believe that they do not last longer and require more care. Others blame their vendors claiming to have sold them bad hair; the reality, however, is that most of us don’t know how to care for our braided hair. The fact that your wig is crafted using processed hair does not mean it should not be treated right. The following are the tips that will help keep your wig looking new with every wear.

The Dos:

  • Always hang your wig upright with the tips straight
  • To straighten the ends of the braids, dip them midway into a bowl of very hot water after very two weeks and add a few drops of oil though adding oil is optional
  • When the braids on the wig are dry, apply hair mousse while the hair is still wet, and this will help keep the frayed hair away
  • From time to time, spray on some oil sheen to keep the braids shinning

The Don’ts:

  • Avoid having your wig tied up often since its going to make the ends look tacky
  • Do not plait the ends
  • Just like in the case of weaves; do not sleep with the wig on since it will lead to frayed hairs making your wig looking old and unkempt.

Conditioning Your Plaited Wig

To keep the braids from unraveling, you need to give your wig special attention. Moreover, the way you wash your braid also matters. How you wash your braided wig depends on the material used to design the wig i.e. is it made of synthetic hair or human hair. Both materials, however, require conditioners and shampoos for wigs; for the human hair, you can use the conditioner that you use on your natural locks. On the other hand, for synthetic wigs, you can use spray-on conditioner. It is crucial to wash your wig in cool water to prevent the braids from falling off.

Washing Your Wig

Washing your braided wig requires more care than the regular wigs. This is because the style is already set, they should be washed by hand so as not to undo the styles. Wash your wig in one direction; avoid bunching in one area or washing in circles. Between the synthetic wigs and human hair wigs, the human hair wigs are easier to style. Most of these wigs can stand washing up to 10-15 times; it all depends on how often you wear them


The drying process of a braided wig is lengthy especially if the braids are left intact while on the stand. Since it takes more time, it is advisable to let the wig dry overnight, and it is advisable to have a backup wig if your need to wear one. You can use a blow dry on a human hair wig but there is a possibility that it will make the braids to frizz. Notably, never use a blow dry on a synthetic wig since the heat can actually melt the hair.

How to Style Your Braided Wigs

  • Always finger comb your wig; and if a brush is required, use a vent brush or a large wide tooth comb
  • Avoid combing while wet
  • Do not apply direct heat on the braids especially the synthetic ones since they can easily melt
  • Avoid using sprits on your wig, just leave the wig in conditioners braiding sprays
  • Do not sleep or swim with your wig on

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