Wearing Wigs in Public

wearing wigs in public

How to get over extreme embarrassment of wearing a wig? The struggle is real out here when it comes to hair issues, and I am sure you support me on this, and it’s high time we found a way to curb it.

With the changing lifestyle, over-treated hair and increased stress, there have been increased cases of hair losses which are referred to as Alopecia.

There are various types of alopecia which are accelerated by factors such as the use of extensions, hair treatments and habits such as pulling out or twirling the hair.

Pregnancy and stress also play a major role in the development of the hair loss condition.

Although there are numerous ways in which you can re-grow your hair such as eating healthy, regular dehydration and exercising, wearing wigs is the fast and most convenient solution.

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A few years ago, wearing a wig was termed as a taboo and most women that wore wigs in public faced stigmatization. Although most people embrace the trending concept of wearing wigs in public, there are still some people who are embarrassed and terrified to wear wigs since they still have the notion that other people will ridicule or judge them.

For beginners, it is normal to feel uncomfortable wearing wigs in public. However, you can start out by wearing the wigs in the house and in places where few people recognize you, and as you gain the confidence, you can start wearing your wigs in public. Whether you are wearing a wig for travel, convenience, to give your looks a boost or because you are suffering hair loss due to medical reasons such as chemotherapy, we all want wigs that look real.

Steps To Help You Gain Confidence in Wearing Wigs in Public

  • Wear the Wig in Private Places Start by wearing your wig in areas where no one will judge you such as in your house. You can also wear it when undertaking your daily chores such as picking up your laundry from the dry cleaners. Make sure you are involved in activities that will not require you to get out of your car. While wearing the wig, pay close attention to the reaction of the people you interact with. And it will be surprising that none of them will treat you different due to your new look.
  • Wear the Wig in a Big and Public Place

In the first step, you released that the people you interacted with hardly noticed your different look and neither did they treat you any different. Now, wear your wig and go somewhere big and public like a mall where you have no other reason to be there but to BE SEEN.

wearing wigs in public

This step is ideally aimed at allowing you to interact with people you hardly know and start gaining the confidence of wearing wigs in public.

The reason why you should undertake this step when you have no particular errand to run is because you will have the liberty to leave anytime you start feeling uncomfortable.

Imagine the distress you will face when you stack in a line that is hardly moving, and you have to stay there feeling paranoid that the person behind you is staring at the back of your head.

Damn! I would also hate finding myself in such a fix. Avoid such situations by setting specific days for your errands and for your wigs experiment.

Remember you are here to be seen thus; hiding behind poles and racks of clothes will do you no justice and you might end up going home feeling like it was a waste of time. Making eye contact and smiling are the key factors here which will help you track peoples’ reaction towards your look.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the expected results for your experiment, but one thing is for a fact; ‘No one will react to your hair.’ Therefore, for you to gain the confidence of wearing wigs in public, you should not start out in places where people know you rather; you should try out in places where no one recognizes you and in areas where you can make a quick escape if you start feeling uncomfortable.

  • Wear the Wig in Public Places That Require You to be In CLOSE CONTACT with Other People That Hardly Recognize You

    The best public place where you are bound to be in close contact with other people is a church. In the church, your pastor may request you to shake hands with the person sitting next to you or tell them something which makes it a perfect choice. In the church you will have close contact with many people and those sitting behind you will definitely be looking at your hair. Other places that fit this category are a movie theater or concert.

    Remember this is a place where you can’t easily escape and will require you to get yourself together whenever you start feeling uncomfortable. At this stage, you are few steps to gaining your confidence of wearing wigs in public. Consistently wear your wig to such places whenever you get the chance.

  • Wear Your Wig Around People Who Know You

Notably, it is recommendable to start with a wig that matches your own hair color before wearing a weave of a different color. The reason for this is because, by starting with a wig that matches your hair, most people will not harshly react to the change and this will allow you to quickly gain the confidence of wearing wigs in public.

After gaining confidence, you won't be embarrassed to wear a colorful wig in public. If this doesn't convince you check the celebrities that decided to wear wigs in public.

Wear Your Wig Frequently

After gaining confidence, you are at liberty of wearing your wig as often as you like. You can change the length and color of the wig depending on the occasion. People will get used to the change since most people change the style and color of their hair all the time and it’s OK to change yours too.

Some people may ask whether or not you are wearing a wig but at this point, you can either choose to tell them or not. You have to feel good about your new look regardless of other peoples’ opinion; it's your hair regardless of whether you grew it or you bought it. As long as you are comfortable with the wig, then nothing should hold you down from wearing it in public.

Don’t let other people’s comments bring you down. The key to confidence is letting their comments go since they probably just wish they looked as pretty as you in a wig.

Benefits of Wearing Wigs

wearing wigs in public

Wearing wigs in public has its advantages which include

  • Experiment Different Colors Changing the color of your natural hair comes with its uncertainty since you can never be sure of how it’s going to turn out. However, wigs give you numerous options of dying it with any color you wish. With this wigs, you can dye them with your preference color and change them at your convenience. Lace Wigs are great
  • Try Different Lengths If you are looking to rock in short hair, cutting your natural hair can be difficult since it may take time to grow it back to its original length. The fact that wigs are less permanent makes them ideal to trim to your preferred length.This is important especially if hair is too short for extensions
  • Try Bangs Deciding to cut bangs on your natural hair can be such a commitment and can be such a disappointment if the results fail to be as per your expectation. Moreover, bangs require high-maintenance and should be precisely cut and trimmed regularly to keep them looking fresh. The amazing fact about wigs is that they allow you to add bangs whenever you want without having to visit your hair stylist.

After gaining the confidence of wearing your wig in the house, you can graduate to wearing wigs in public. All you need to keep in mind is that regardless of what other people say, you are beautiful and most of those who criticize you wish they had the confidence to rock in wigs like you do. You could also try combining the wig with accessories like hats/beanies and headbands

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