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Wigs for Women

The increasing demand for wigs of women over the years has contributed to the diversification of the wig industry with the aim of offering different types and styles of wigs that will satisfy the varying tastes and preferences.

The accessibility of wigs has been made easier through the availability of online websites that sell wigs.

This reduces the hustle of having to move from one store to another looking for a certain wig; with the online websites, you can easily search for a high-quality human hair wig from the comfort of your house and it will be delivered to you promptly.

The advantage of buying a wig online is that you will have access to a wide range of cheap wigs for women and will get to save a lot of money since most websites offer discounted rates.

The word wig is the short form of the word periwig which is a head of hair that could either be made of human hair or synthetic materials. Wigs for women are used to serve numerous purposes.

For instance, most wigs are used as cosmetic accessories especially by celebrities. Wigs are also worn for the fun of changing a style, when one has shaved their natural hair or sometimes in the context of religious practice that requires one to cut their hair. On the other hand, wigs for female cancer patients are used for patients who have lost their hair through chemotherapy.

The most common reason why most women wear wigs is to disguise hair thinning.
Buying a good quality wig and styling it properly can make it look natural in such a way that it’s even hard for someone to tell that it is a wig.

At WigsBuy you are assured to obtain numerous types of wigs and a guide on how to select the best wig.

The Benefits of Wearing Wigs

  • Conceals Embarrassing Conditions Such As Thinning HairThis is common for both men and women. The hair loss could be contributed by various factors such as illness, hormonal change, genetics and certain medications. However, with the provision of wigs for women with thinning hair and men’s wigs, one can restore confidence by hiding the thinning.
  • ConvenienceUnlike the natural hair, wigs do not need constant treatments, straightening, blow-drying, styling or coloring. Thus; it saves you time and the trouble of consistent maintenance.
  • Saves You The Trouble Of Experimenting With Your Natural HairIf you are looking to rock on a particular hair color, you can do so with a wig instead of damaging your hair with the hair coloring chemicals. Moreover, you can change your hair style from long hair to short hair without cutting your hair; all this is covered when you buy either long wigs for women or short cut wigs for black women.
  • It Saves You MoneyWith a wig, you don’t have to consistently visit the salon for styling since most wigs are already styled thus; saves you money and time. You can easily change the style and color of a wig without visiting the salon.
  • Protects Your Natural HairWomen’s wigs and hairpieces protect the health of your natural hair since there will be no need to continuously use heat treatments and harmful styling products that could damage your hair. This will allow your hair to grow strong and long.

Different Types of Wigs for Women

wigs for women

Before ordering a wig from an online website of buying from a showroom near your home, it is important to understand the type of wig that best suits you. Below is a list of the types of women’s wigs for sale.

  1. Lace Front Wigs

    These are crafted in such a way that the scalp shows through the fine lace which disappears when placed on the skin thus creating a natural hair line. It is then combined with a hand tied back and a monofilament top for maximum comfort and a natural replacement of your hair. Lace wigs for black women and lace front wigs for white women are available both in fiber and human hair material depending on your preference. You can learn more about the benefits of wearing lace wigs at benefits of lace wigs

  2. Monofilament

    These are the most breathable and natural looking wigs since they take the color of the person's scalp when worn. They are a great choice especially for women with a sensitive scalp. The material used in crafting this type of wig is a fine lace material, mesh, and nylon blend and the amazing fact about this type of wig is that regardless of where you part your hair, it will look as if the hair is coming out of your own hair follicles. This is made possible since each hair is individually hand-tied to the mesh blend making it look very natural. This type of wig is said to be among the best wigs for women in the market.

  3. Synthetic Hair

    Compared to the monofilament and real human hair, the synthetic hair is less expensive. They are designed using synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic and are machine made. Most of these come in pre-made styles such as wavy, straight or curly. With this type of wigs, it is advisable to avoid exposure to high temperatures since most synthetic fibers easily melt. Nevertheless, there are some good quality synthetic fiber wigs which can be styled using curling irons and blowing dryers.
    Synthetic Wigs Are Recommendable if You;
    • Are not looking to spend much
    • Want a short to mid-length hair
    • Want a wig that will only last for a short period
    • Don’t want to fully style your hair while wearing a wig
  4. Human Hair

    Human hair wigs are more expensive than the synthetic wigs. This type of wig is natural looking and it can be dyed, styled and cut just like real hair. The fact that it is made from real human hair means that it should be taken care of just like the real live hair; it should be shampooed, conditioned and dried to maintain its sheen. Both human hair wigs for white women and human hair wigs for black women are long lasting and will give value to your money.

    Human Hair is Recommendable if You;
    • Prefer high-quality hair
    • Don’t mind spending more money on a wig
    • Looking for a wig that will last longer than a year
    • Looking for a wig that will be easy to change the style
    • Love shoulder length or longer hair
  5. Standard (Wefted) Cap

    This is the most basic type of wig that is made with a sewing machine. The machine will sew each row to an each row of hair until a cap is formed. These wigs come in convenient form since they are styled according to the preference of different customers. The wigs are sold in already cut and styled form.

  6. Custom Made Wigs

    These types of wigs are slightly expensive since they are made by taking the exact shape of the customers head. With this type of wig, you are assured it will perfectly fit. Most of these wigs have a combination of human and synthetic hair. The strands of the hair are tied by hand and you can opt for this type of wig if you want your wig to be designed exclusively.

Different Methods of Attaching a Wig

wigs for women

With the wide variety of wigs for women, there are various techniques of wearing them. Below are different ways of securely attaching your wig

  • All wigs come with adjustable elastics which are used to tighten or loosen the circumference of the wig. Adjust your wig to the tightness that you will be comfortable in.
  • Other wigs for women have snap lock combs. With this, you will require leaving a small amount of your hair for attachment. After being sewn into the wig lining, they lock gently into your hair providing a secure attachment.
  • Some wigs have double sided toupee tape that is positioned in areas where there is no hair on your scalp. You will have to stick the tape on both your scalp and the wig lining.
  • You will also come across wigs with wig liners. These have a soft net that covers the scalp and which gives the wig a base to attach to.
  • For Anti slippery, Supplex and Dermalite wigs, these types of wigs come with a suction hold. In this case, the wearer does not necessarily require hair for the wig to have a maximum hold.

A Guide on How to Buy Wigs for Women Online

Deciding on the type of wig to buy can at times be overwhelming since there are a wide variety of wigs sold in the different online platforms and which are sourced from different manufacturers. Moreover, when you buy a wig online, you will not have the ability to fit it on before buying. Nevertheless, regardless of whether you are looking for wigs for African American women human hair, wigs for older women, wigs for black women, or wigs for white women; Wigs Buy got you sorted. This buying guide will help you make a perfect choice.

When you buy the best quality real hair wigs for women, then you are assured that no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a wig. Wigs give you limitless options for instance; you can change your hairstyle and color without altering your natural hair. If you have always wished to be a redhead, wigs got you covered. The first time you wear your wig in public, the typical reaction of the people around you is that they will start complimenting you on your new haircut wearing wigs in public. The amazing facts about wearing a wig are; your morning routine is made simpler, you will save money on cuts, hair styling and coloring as well as you will never have a ‘bad hair day.’

Head size

Buying a wig online is just like buying clothes; the worst mistake you can do is have the wrong measurements since you will end up receiving a small or an oversized wig. Thus, the first step when selecting a wig is to determine your head size. Wigs come in three different basic sizes: Petite, average and large. Most wigs with different colors and styles are found under the average rank since 90-95% of women wear an average sized cap. Those who don’t wear an average cap wear a petite cap and only a small percentage of women will wear a large cap.

Use a tape measure to measure your size and keep in mind that it should be snug and not tight when taking the measurements. To get the circumference of your head, you will be tracing around your hairline. Take your tape measure and starting from the forehead, trace all the way around the hairline, behind the ears, to the nape of the neck and back behind the opposite ear to meet the other end of the measuring tape in front.

The Expected Measurements
  • 18.5-19.5”- Children & Ultra petite
  • 20.5-21.5”- Petite
  • 21-22”- Petite/Average
  • 21.5-22.5”- Average
  • 22.5-23.5”- Large
If you wish to take the measurements from your forehead to the back, then the measurements will be
  • 12”-Children & Ultra petite
  • 13.25”- Petite
  • 13.75”- Petite/Average
  • 14.25”- Average
  • 15.5”- Large

If you get the measurements right, you are assured that the wig will fit perfectly. Moreover, most wigs come with an adjustable strap which allows you to get a customized fit with the range.

Hair Type

The second step is to decide on the type of hair you are looking for. Under this category you have three choices; human hair, synthetic hair, and heat friendly synthetic hair.

Human Hair
  • These wigs offer the same versatility as the natural hair
  • Since they are made of real hair, they require much maintenance and styling
  • They are more expensive than synthetic wigs
  • When properly taken care of, these wigs can last for a year or more
Synthetic Hair
  • Have the advantage of retaining their shape meaning that they require minimum styling
  • The major drawback of these types of wigs is that they can easily melt when exposed to high temperatures.
  • You can’t use flat iron, curling iron or other heated styling tools on these wigs
  • With proper care, these wigs will last for 4-6 months
Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
  • These are synthetic wigs that can be styled using heated styling tools up to a maximum of 350 degrees
  • With this wigs, you can change your look from straight to curly
  • These wigs are suitable for women looking to have versatility but don’t want human hair wigs
  • The main drawback of this type of wig is that the hair can be a little more difficult to style than that of a human hair wig
  • With proper care, this type of wig can last for 3 months
Cap Type
There are 4 basic types of wig caps; Monofilament wigs, Classic wigs, Hand tied caps and lace front wigs

1. Classic Wigs
  • The wigs provide a natural and affordable look
  • They are crafted using machines with traditional wefted rows of hair that are sewn together
  • Most of these are capless which allows aeration in your head
  • These wigs offer less styling versatility due to their construction
2. Monofilament Wigs
  • These are more expensive than classic wigs
  • They are designed in a way that they will look completely like your real hair
  • Each hair is placed individually on a transparent mesh cap
  • While wearing this wig, the hair looks like it's growing from your scalp
3. Hand Tied Caps
  • These are monofilament wigs that are sewn on a very soft piece of lace fabric.
  • Unlike the ordinary monofilament wigs, the entire cap of this type of wigs features hand tied construction design.
  • This provides a more natural look.
4. Lace Front Wigs
  • A lace front can be on a monofilament cap, classic cap or hand tied cap
  • These wigs feature individually tied hairs on a very fine lace around the hairline
  • This enables you to pull your hair back from your face for a natural look


Kylie Jenner Wig
After deciding on the size, hair type, and the cap type, you can now decide on your favorite style. There are short, chin length, medium length, and long hair styles. Each style comes in a wide selection of color. Under this category, you can obtain curly wigs for black women, short wigs for black women, long hair wigs for women, half wigs for black women, short human hair wigs for black women among others.


There are over 600 unique wig colors, and it is impossible to choose your wig color if you have not yet decided on the style you are looking for. Most people prefer buying a wig that matches their natural hair color while others decide to go for other colors.

Advantaging of Buying Wigs Online

  • Accessibility of Women’s Wigs for Sale - Most online websites offer high-quality wigs at discounted rate which enables you to save a lot of money
  • Fast and Convenient - The ordering process is fast and convenient which saves you the hustle of standing in long queues while waiting to be served.
  • High-Quality Wigs - Most online websites offer high-quality products, and you can make an informed decision based on other customers’ reviews about the wigs.
  • Easy to Maneuver - Most websites are designed in a way that you can easily search for a particular wig based on the style, color, size, cap type and hair type.

Wigs are a great way to make a fashion statement, serve as your hair during scalp or medical condition and offer a temporary change from your own natural hairstyle. The primary goal, however, is selecting a realistic –looking wig that will convince others that it’s your hair. Most women around the globe have come to embrace the versatility offered by wigs which have increased the demand for wigs. When deciding on the best wigs for women, you should consider factors such as the style, color, size, cap type and hair type of the wig. If you are looking for the most recommendable website to order your wigs, then visit homepage.

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